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Saint Mary’s University invites public to Cardinal Virtues presentations

November 30, 2018

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MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — Guest speaker Catherine Pakaluk, Ph.D., of The Catholic University of America will discuss “Justice, Dynamism, and Social Order” as the inaugural Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota Cardinal Virtue presentation on Wednesday, Dec. 12.

The event will begin at 4 p.m. and will be held at the Saint Mary’s University Center, 2540 Park Ave., Minneapolis. A reception will follow.

Speakers and topics selected for the Cardinal Virtue presentations have been chosen to create thought-provoking dialogue. Dr. Pakaluk, assistant professor of Social Research and Economic Thought at The Catholic University of America, will address the topic of economic justice as the first installment of the presentation series.

Pakaluk joined the faculty of The Catholic University in 2016 and founded the Social Research academic area. Formerly, she was an assistant professor and chair of the Economics Department at Ave Maria University. Her primary areas of research include economic of education and religion, family studies and demography, Catholic social thought, and political economy.

Cardinal Virtues presentations are thematically centered around the virtues of prudence (practical wisdom), temperance, courage (fortitude), and justice.

Prudence is an intellectual aptitude that enables us to make judgments that are consonant with our proper end as human beings. Temperance, in a general sense, denotes a kind of moderation common to every moral virtue and is directed to the good. Courage moderates those desires that prevent us from undertaking more daunting, difficult tasks — even allowing us to endure pain and discomfort when necessary in pursuit of truth and good. Justice is a sustained or constant willingness to extend to each person what he or she deserves in relation to what is truly good for that individual and having both community and individual elements related to it.

Questions about this or any of the Cardinal Virtues presentations may be directed to Saint Mary’s University’s Office of Mission at 507-457-1646. Other presentations, scheduled throughout the 2018-19 academic year, include:

  • Prudence — Candace Volger, Ph.D., professor at The University of Chicago, Feb. 21, Saint Mary’s Winona Campus.
  • Fortitude/courage — Peter Kreeft, Ph.D., professor at Boston College, March 14, Saint Mary’s Winona Campus and Cascade Meadow facility in Rochester.
  • Temperance and the gifts/fruits of the Holy Spirit — Eleonore Stump, Ph.D., professor of Saint Louis University, April 9, Winona Campus.