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Student Senate meeting minutes – Feb. 16

February 18, 2021

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Meeting called to order by President Kendall Archer at 7 p.m.

Prayer by Collin van Waardenburg

Members present: Cece Abel, Kendall Archer, Samatha Carlson (proxy Alica Schurrer), Larkin Clem, Jake Emeott, Sara Fowler, Mary Furlong, Gabriel Graves, Riley Hall, Noah Kimel, Megan Kowalis, Jonathon Krull, Abby Lang, Thomas Magnavite, Allison Moysis, Tara Nikolich, Nicole Noreen, Lyanna Novak, Enitan Onayiga, Sophia O’Neil, Angel Sacta Espinoza, Joseph Schauf, Ryan Stoynich, Collin van Waardenburg, Destiny Walker, and Elijah Williams

Members absent: None

Members excused: Samatha Carlson (proxy Alica Schurrer)

Discussion items

  • Student Voices introduction
    • New COVID friendly (virtual) version of Day at the Capitol
    • Mandatory for student senators
    • Megan Kowalis will send out the sign up form
    • Will be meeting virtually with Minnesota legislators in a group setting
    • Training for this will take place at next week’s senate meeting; dress code is business casual
  • Executive Board updates
    • Kendall Archer, president
      • Election season coming up
        • Presidential election
          • Petitions available Feb. 22
          • Petitions due March 8
          • Vocal nominations March 9 at senate
          • Election March 16
        • Executive board election 
          • Petitions available March 15
          • Petitions due March 22
          • Election March 24
        • Class officers election
          • Petitions available March 22
          • Petitions due April 6
          • Election April 8
    • Jonathon Krull, VP of Media and Communications and executive assistant
      • No updates
    • Angel Sacta Espinosa, VP for Campus Affairs
      • Continuing to hold capital improvement request meetings
      • Look for more information next week
    • Nicole Noreen, VP for Financial Affairs
      • Budgets are due Feb. 22 at midnight
    • Destiny Walker, VP for Multicultural Affairs
      • No updates
    • Mary Furlong, VP for Academic Affairs
      • Feb. 22 is coffee with the provost; all are welcome
      • March 9 and April 28 are Wellness Days
    • Elijah Williams, VP for Student Life
      • Thursday is the first meeting of the Food Service Committee
        • Agenda
          • Quarantine meals
          • Vegan and vegetarian options
          • Organizational issues
        • Pass on more information to Elijah Williams and he will try to address it at the meeting
      • Housing application information for next year will be coming out in upcoming CommUNITY newsletters
      • Club fair coming up, more information next week
      • RA applications are due Feb. 19
    • Megan Kowalis, VP for Public Affairs
      • If anyone wants to help Twigz and Megan plan CleanUp Winona, feel free to reach out
    • Sarah Fowler, SAC President
      • Virtual Board Game night at 7 p.m.
      • Saturday at noon, Blanket Making
    • Dr. Marisa Naryka, adviser
      • No updates
  • Class officer reports
    • Freshman: No updates
    • Sophomore: No updates
    • Junior: No updates
    • Senior: No updates
  • Senator concerns
    • Students are concerned with the CommUNITY newsletter; are people reading it?
      • The idea to make the COVID-19 update CommUNITY come from the COVID-19 email instead
      • Possibly removing the links and putting the whole articles in each issue
      • Concern expressed for CommUNITY as the primary vehicle for COVID-19 information dissemination, especially with regards to ResLife policies and guest policy 
    • Senator asked if Campus Safety has the ability to jump cars. Dr. Marisa Naryka will follow up with Campus Safety as they should be able to but unsure if all officers have the necessary training
    • Suggestion for additional snow removal emergency signage to be placed by Brother Leopold in the morning, so students see physical reminder before leaving the proximity of their car
    • Dr. Marisa Naryka asked students if they wish for a campus app
      • Senators mention that they would like it to have the Chartwells menu on it and also a calendar of events
      • A separate app exists for the menus already (Dine on Campus); will discuss at a later date to see if there is interest
  • Motion to adjourn
    • Motioned by Joseph Schauf
    • Seconded by Colling van Waardenburg 
    • Time 7:31 p.m.