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Student Senate meeting minutes – Feb. 9

February 11, 2021

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Student Senate – Feb. 9

Meeting called to order by President Kendall Archer at 7 p.m.

Prayer by Collin van Waardenburg

Members present: Cece Abel, Kendall Archer, Samatha Carlson (proxy Alica Schurrer), Larkin Clem, Jake Emeott (proxy Shane Breslin), Sara Fowler, Mary Furlong, Gabriel Graves, Riley Hall, Noah Kimel, Megan Kowalis, Jonathon Krull, Abby Lang, Thomas Magnavite, Allison Moysis, Tara Nikolich, Nicole Noreen, Lyanna Novak, Enitan Onayiga, Sophia O’Neil, Joseph Schauf, Ryan Stoynich, Collin van Waardenburg, Destiny Walker, and Elijah Williams

Members absent: None

Members excused: Samatha Carlson (proxy Alica Schuuer), Jake Emeott (proxy Shane Breslin), and Angel Sacta Espinoza

Discussion items

  • New rembers/roles
    • Riley Hall, new hall representative for Brother William, Bishops, Hillside, and Saint Joseph’s halls
    • Abigail Lang, new hall representative for Skemp, Heffron, and LaSalle halls
    • Jonathon Krull, taking on the role of vice president of Media and Communications, in addition to executive assistant responsibilities
  • Presentation by Dr. Tim Gossen, vice president for Student Affairs
    • Thank you for being a part of the student government
    • Here to discuss the survey we took last semester
      • Wellness and how students were concerned about a lack of breaks last semester
    • Feb. 22 at 4 p.m. the provost will be available with a coffee hour to hear from you, to converse how we can make this semester better for students
    • The Wellness Center does NOT have a waitlist for counseling services; please sign up if you need it!
      • Virtual and in-person counseling is available
    • Encourage one another to seek out the services we offer, no one should feel alone
    • CommUNITY will begin to include wellness tips and advice
    • Please read the CommUNITY newsletters; we have a lot of good information in there
    • Stay safe!!
  • Financial request, Future Health Professionals
    • Elijah William, president of Future Health Professionals
      • 68 active members this year, growth of 350%
    • Looking to put together 100 goodie bags for the warming center

      • Hand sanitizer
      • Tissues
      • Masks
      • Cough drops
      • Chapstick
      • Containers
    • Writing thank yous to the staff at the nursing homes, hospital, and warming shelter
    • Requested $344.20, Finance Committee recommends funding at $280
      • Fully fund donations
      • Lesser than requested amount, pens, paper, and envelopes already provided for clubs
    • Joseph Schauf moved to take up Finance Committee recommendation at $280
      • Collin van Waardenberg seconded
      • Passed unanimously
  • Executive Board updates
    • Kendall Archer, president
      • Any questions regarding Dr. Gossen’s information, reach out to me with questions; we will try to get them answered
    • Jonathon Krull, VP of Media and Communications and executive assistant
      • No updates
    • Angel Sacta Espinosa, VP for Campus Affairs
      • The first capital improvement committee occurred
        • Working on a form for people to submit project ideas
      • The next meeting is in the works, more updates next week
    • Nicole Noreen, VP for Financial Affairs
      • Budget season is coming up!
      • Meeting with James McGuire to tidy up budget items
    • Destiny Walker, VP for Multicultural Affairs
      • Waiting for dates to be solidified for Solidarity Council
      • FGI has a graphic design contest going on
      • Diversity Cafe tomorrow over Zoom
    • Mary Furlong, VP for Academic Affairs
      • Let me know if you have any feedback on the new schedule!
    • Elijah Williams, VP for Student Life
      • Email will be going out to food committee members today
      • Guest policy goes back to the policy of last semester
        • One guest for normal residence halls
        • More info in CommUNITY
      • RA applications are still open! Reach out to ResLife if interested
      • Meeting with Twigz (James McGuire) about more events coming up
    • Megan Kowalis, VP for Public Affairs
      • Working on Day at the Capitol
    • Sarah Fowler, SAC President
      • Winter Bingo going on tonight
      • Succulents at 6 p.m. in Hall of Fame Room on 2/10
      • Women’s Basketball Watch Party has been canceled
      • Thursday is Throwback Trivia
      • Friday is T-shirt exchange
      • Saturday is sledding; bring your own sled
    • Marisa Naryka, adviser
      • Please do not open your residence hall windows, it could result in frozen pipes
  • Class officer reports
    • Freshman: No updates
    • Sophomore: No updates
    • Junior: No updates
    • Senior: No updates
  • Senator concerns
    • Fundraising requirement for Class Officers has been suspended for the 2020-21 school year due to COVID policies, just as it has been suspended for clubs
    • Snow removal/Ice issues
      • Parking situation with snow removal, not ideal for athletes, would like earlier notification to move their cars
        • Would 7:30 a.m. work?
      • Working on getting ice patches removed throughout campus
    • Heat issues in Brother Leopold
      • Working to address those with maintenance
  • Motion to adjourn
    • Motioned by Joseph Schauf
    • Seconded by Collin van Waardenberg
    • Time 7:36 p.m.