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Student Senate meeting minutes for Feb. 23

February 25, 2021

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Student Senate – Feb. 23, 2021

Meeting called to order by President Kendall Archer at 7 p.m.

Prayer by Collin van Waardenburg

Members present: Kendall Archer, Samantha Carlson (proxy Alica Schurrer), Larkin Clem, Jake Emeott, Sarah Fowler, Mary Furlong, Gabriel Graves, Riley Hall, Noah Kimel (proxy Bre Tews), Megan Kowalis, Jonathon Krull, Abigail Lang, Thomas Magnavite (proxy Keaton Cloven), Allison Moysis, Tara Nikolich, Nicole Noreen, Lyanna Novak, Enitan Oneyiga, Sophia O’Neil, Angel Sacta Espinoza, Joseph Schauf, Collin van Waardenburg, Destiny Walker, Elijah Williams

Members absent: none

Members excused: Samantha Carlson (proxy Alica Schurrer), Noah Kimel (proxy Bre Tews), Thomas Magnavite (proxy Keaton Cloven), Ryan Storynich

Discussion items

  • Student Voices Training
    • Dennis Egan, consultant for Minnesota Private Colleges
    • Monali Bhakta, advocacy associate for the Minnesota Private Colleges Council
    • Virtual Day at the Capitol Program explanation
      • Advocating for MN State Grant
        • Need-based grant for those pursuing higher education within the state
        • 43% of students receive the grant
        • Making the case for the grant funding to be included in the state budget for the upcoming year
      • Steps: How to craft YOUR story
        1. Introduce yourself and talk about your interest in the State Grant program
          • Name, school, major, and career interest
          • “We are here to ask you to support college students by increasing state grant awards”
        2. Summarize how the State Grant impacts you and other students
          • Tell your or a friend’s story about affording college, discuss work-study, part-time work, etc.
      • How to be an effective advocate
        • Build rapport with lawmakers
        • You are very important to the legislator
        • Make a personal appeal
      • Legislative meeting logistics
        • Sign up and choose times that work best for you to meet with your legislator
        • If you cannot make a set time, please record a thank-you video or write a thank-you note
        • Advocacy is open to students who are not Minnesota residents
        • Join your Zoom meeting 15 minutes before your scheduled meeting; there will be a brief overview of the basics
        • Be understanding and patient with your legislators, make sure to thank them for their time
      • Virtual (Zoom) meeting reminders
        • Wear your Saint Mary’s red or business attire
      • Questions?
        • Reach out to Megan Kowalis; she can put you in touch with Monali and/or Dennis
      • To obtain a video of the training, reach out to Kendall Archer
      • Informational training videos of the MN State Grant
  • Executive board updates
    • Kendall Archer, president
      • Election season is underway, president is the first election
        • Petitions available; reach out to Kendall if interested
        • One year of Student Senate experience required
      • Campaign reminders
        • All petition forms are done virtually; no mass emails are allowed
        • Signage hung up in Residence Halls must be approved by Residence Life
        • Any in-person events must be approved by the COVID-19 gathering form
    • Jonathon Krull, VP of Media and Communications and executive assistant
      • Student representative for the Pandemic Assessment Coordinating Team (P.A.C.T.) 
        • Email or reach out to Jonathon with any questions surrounding COVID-19 and our policies
    • Angel Sacta Espinosa, VP for Campus Affairs
      • Capital improvement requests are going live Thursday, Feb. 25
    • Nicole Noreen, VP for Financial Affairs
      • No report
    • Destiny Walker, VP for Multicultural Affairs
      • Black History Month display in the Hall of Fame Room
        • CommUNITY will have more details
    • Mary Furlong, VP for Academic Affairs
      • Looking for feedback on summer classes
    • Elijah Williams, VP for Student Life
      • Theatre opening with shows this weekend, also available online
        • Details in CommUNITY
      • Food Services Committee
        • Discussed quarantine meals
        • You can order food through the market and have that delivered to you
        • If your friend wants to get you a meal from the cafe or Cardinal Club, they can without losing a swipe
        • Chartwells will be serving more vegetarian and vegan options
        • Cardinal Club is now beginning to serve breakfast, check out their Instagram @chartwells_smumn for more information
    • Megan Kowalis, VP for Public Affairs
      • Sign up for Student Voices!
    • Sarah Fowler, SAC President
      • Coffee and Cocoa on Thursday from 8 to 11 a.m. in Saint Mary’s Hall
      • Disney Trivia Friday at 8 p.m.
      • Sledding at noon and snowshoeing at 2 p.m. on Saturday
  • Class officer reports
    • Freshman: No updates
    • Sophomore: No updates
    • Junior: No updates
    • Senior: No updates
  • Motion to adjourn
    • Motioned by Collin van Waardenburg
    • Seconded by Sophia O’Neil
    • Time 7:33 p.m.