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Student Senate meeting minutes, Sept. 29

September 30, 2020

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Student Senate meeting minutes
Sept. 29, 2020

Meeting called to order by President Kendall Archer at 7:02 p.m.
Prayer by Collin van Waardenburg

Members present: Cece Abel, Kendall Archer, Samantha Carlson, Larkin Clem, Jake Emeott, Sarah Fowler, Mary Furlong, Gabriel Graves, Lillian Klein, Megan Kowalis, Jonathon Krull, Abigail Lang, Thomas Magnavite, Allison Moysis, Tara Nikolich, Nicole Noreen, Lyanna Novak, Enitan Onayiga, Marcos Pedroza, Angel Sacta Espinoza, Joseph Schauf, Collin van Waardenberg, Destiny Walker, Elijah Williams

Members absent: None

Members excused: Noah Kimmel, Sophia O’Neil, Ryan Stoynich

Discussion items

  • Overview of Student Senate vision and expectations
    • Vision: Each e-board position sets goals and plan to achieve them
    • Agenda will be sent out every Monday via CommUNITY newsletter
    • Review of attendance policy
      • Need for proxy if member absent (24-hour notice)
  • Review of how Zoom Student Senate meetings will be held
    • Use “Raise Hand” feature
    • Voting conducted over chat
  • Robert’s rules will be utilized during the meetings
    • Members expected to have knowledge of how they work
  • Update from Tim Gossen (vice president of Student Affairs)
  • The Winona Campus looks like it will be here until November
    • Wants to celebrate this achievement and hard work of the students (will be Student Senate sponsored)
      • Idea of getting food trucks or other local restaurants to come and/or sponsor it
  • Executive board updates
    • Kendall Archer, president
    • Read Robert’s rules of order
    • Read article 8 (academic and financial requests)
  • Father Burns will attend next meeting
    • Dress code for next meeting is business casual
  • CommUNITY newsletter comes out Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday
    • Marcos Pedroza, vice president of Media and Communications
      • Student Senate elections went well
    • Angel Sacta Espinosa, vice president for Campus Affairs
      • Capital improvement request ideas
        • Forms going out later this semester
    • Nicole Noreen, vice president for Financial Affairs
      • Club presidents received email that budgets approved last spring are all set for this year
      • Email if interested in joining finance committee
    • Destiny Walker, vice president for Multicultural Affairs
      • Will be contacting FGI and SAC and other areas that need to be contacted
    • Mary Furlong, vice president for Academic Affairs
      • Reaching out to academic committee chairs
        • Looking for rep for ed standards rep (male and female)
        • IGEAC committee (one student)
    • Elijah Williams, vice president for Student Life
      • N/A
    • Megan Kowalis, vice president for Public Affairs
      • Voter registration drive underway
      • Posters up around campus
      • Polling place on campus in the works
    • Jonathon Krull, executive assistant
      • Watch for minutes in CommUNITY newsletter on Wednesday
    • Sarah Fowler, SAC president
      • Event this Saturday, coming to all dorms with materials to do bleach tie dye
      • Sunday bluff hike at 2 p.m.
    • Marisa Quinn, advisor
      • N/A

Senate open forum

  • Joseph Schauf: Chartwells complaints, we were oversold and under delivered. Quality of food has gone down, less options.
  • Lyanna: Question regarding class officer obligations. Seeking clarification of fundraising for this year.

Motion to adjourn

  • Motioned by Joseph Schauf
  • Seconded by Enitan Onayiga
  • Time 7:28 p.m.