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Students needed to lobby for Minnesota State Grant

January 18, 2021

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Student Voices 2021

One out of three college students in Minnesota receives need-based grants paid for by the state government. These Minnesota State Grant awards are critically important now, with so many families hit financially by COVID-19.

That’s why the university is asking students to help make sure Minnesota lawmakers understand how important these grants are. We’re working with the Minnesota Private College Council to ensure students’ voices are heard. The first step? Answer a few quick questions at Then, you’ll be invited to take some simple steps, including writing notes, recording a video, or being on a Zoom call with your lawmakers.

It is vital that lawmakers hear from students. While in-person visits aren’t possible, the council will offer interested students other ways to connect, including Zoom calls with the lawmakers that represent your hometown. Please consider getting involved in the Council’s Student Voices 2021 effort.


In 2018-2019, over 350 students at our university received a State Grant award. The average grant for those student was $4,771. Those grants have such a big impact for so many students, which is why it is important that we help lawmakers understand the importance of investing in the Minnesota State Grant Program. And we will ask them to make the grants larger.

You can’t make the trip to the Capitol to meet in-person with lawmakers, as you have in the past. But you can still ensure your voices are heard. By signing up for Student Voices 2021, you’ll be invited to reach out to lawmakers, including through writing notes or sending a video. You’ll hear more about the issue and the challenges we’re facing in St. Paul. And you’ll likely be invited to join in Zoom calls with your hometown lawmakers, meaning those who represent the communities where you grew up or if you’re not from Minnesota, where our campus is.

Act now

Think about the impact of need-based grants in your own life or for students you know. Then sign up for Student Voices 2021. Minnesota’s lawmakers need to hear the perspectives and experiences that college students like you can share. Students from 16 other private colleges and universities will be taking part as well. Sign up online at

Take this step in the next two weeks. The council will be setting up Zoom meetings for students with their lawmakers. Scheduling can’t start until they hear from you.