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Travel policy and form

July 23, 2020

Undergrad Student Information

After students return to campus, the university will strongly discourage any travel outside of Winona. Students must notify the university by completing the travel notification form 24 hours in advance of any personal travel outside of Winona County and overnight travel or travel to high-risk states, with the exception of travel within an hour of campus in the state of Minnesota (like Rochester, Red Wing, and Wabasha). Please review the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Considerations for Travel and Data Tracker for high-risk travel assessment.

The Office of Student Affairs will review notifications and may follow up if necessary. The travel notification form is for informational purposes and to help with contract tracing if needed.

Commuter students who are traveling to and from home are not required to submit any notifications.

University-sponsored travel is permitted only as authorized by the provost or senior vice president for finance and operations. The Office of Athletics will submit notification for student-athletes traveling for university-sponsored athletic events.