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Twin Cities community outreach opportunities following recent events

June 11, 2020

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Saint Mary’s has received a number of requests from students, faculty, staff, and their families inquiring about how they can assist the many and diverse communities surrounding the Twin Cities Campus in the aftermath of the recent violence and destruction.

With so much information on social media, as well as from news outlets documenting the outpouring of support, it may be difficult to determine where the most critical needs are yet to be met. Members of the Twin Cities Campus community have been in contact with our neighborhood partners, including Lutheran Social Services, Phillips West Neighborhood Association, Ebenezer Tower Apartments, and Messiah Lutheran at the Center for Changing Lives to determine their levels and kinds of need. Some are at capacity in many respects and have directed us to lists of other organizations and entities that are in need.

Additionally, several organizations that may be at or near capacity have suggested donations be directed to organizations which are owned and operated by black people or people of color and have existing channels for timely distribution to those most in immediate need.

If you have a desire to give and don’t know where to start, think about what you are most concerned or passionate about. Ideas to consider before giving might include supporting:

  • The rebuild of Lake Street and other critical infrastructure
  • Families or children
  • Cultural centers, libraries, day care or child care centers
  • People of color or black owned and operated organizations
  • Specific neighborhoods
  • Religions organizations
  • And more

If you are interested in making a monetary contribution to those affected, consider connecting with one of the following nonprofits that are providing direct service in the community:

Here are two other resources that may be useful as you consider ways to volunteer or donate:

If you plan to give food, please purchase from well-stocked stores in the suburbs rather than inner city neighborhood grocery stores.