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Update on New President’s Questionnaire

September 5, 2018


I want to thank those of you who took the time to complete the New President’s Questionnaire. This was sent to university faculty and staff on July 10, 2018. As I indicated at that time, the questionnaire was designed to collect information from multiple sources within the university about how they see the university. This information will continue to be helpful to me as I move forward in the presidency. A subcommittee of the Presidential Transition Team (comprised of faculty members Lynn Albee and Joe Tadie, professor emerita and trustee Marilyn Frost, along with Brother Frank Carr, FSC, and Vice President Audrey Kintzi) analyzed the responses to the questionnaire. They provided me with an executive summary of the results and all the survey responses. I am grateful to them for their work on this.

Please know I found your responses to these questions to be thoughtful, respectful, and highly informative. It is clear that you are proud of Saint Mary’s and the work that we do. It is also clear that you support, in words and deeds, the mission of this university. I have also heard your concerns about communication, transparency, and leadership. I hope to use your responses to inform our strategic planning both procedurally and substantively. Again, thank you for your help so early in my presidency. I am humbled by your commitment to our fine university.