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Updates on student tax forms

January 21, 2021

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The 1098-T is a form required by the IRS regarding tuition that you may need to complete your income taxes. You will find the 1098-T on your student portal located under the My Forms section. Saint Mary’s staff are not able to advise you on your tax preparation. Please consult your tax advisor to determine eligibility for a credit on your tax return. 1098-T forms will be available on the portal or sent in the mail by Jan. 31.

Student workers may find their W-2s in their student portals under My Payroll, Pay History, and Tax Forms. Former employees and those who may not have access to the portal may view their W-2s online. You will need to click on “Access without an Account.” To log in, you will need to know either your employee ID number OR your social security number and either your last name OR your birth date. A verification code will be generated that you will need to type in. You may log in and re-print the electronic copy as many times as you need to. If you have changed your address, please be certain to update it in your portal.

Saint Mary’s is required by the federal government to have correct identifying numbers for each student. Please verify your social security number (SSN) on your portal – or, if you have not yet provided a number, provide one at this time. If you are not eligible to obtain a social security number, your Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) should be used. You are required by law to furnish your SSN or ITIN so that it may be included in information we file with the Internal Revenue Service. Please note that if you are a non-resident alien and do not have income that is subject to tax, you are not required to supply this information to us. You are able to provide your SSN through the student portal.

If you have any questions, please call 507-457-6655 or email businessoffice@smumn.edu.