Mental Health in Education Certificate (Online)

Do you seek to meet your students where they are and better serve their unique needs? Teaching today requires an awareness and understanding of mental health issues as their prevalence grows in schools, the community, and at home.

Developing an awareness of mental health needs and issues

The mental health in education certificate equips you to be better aware and able to address the social and emotional health of your students. You will become well-versed in developing instructional strategies that respond appropriately to students’ mental health needs. You will be strongly encouraged to further advocate for your students by sharing skills and knowledge with your own schools and districts.

Over five courses, you will reflect on your conceptualization of mental health, understand the needs of students from birth through grade 12, identify how and when to access additional resources, and improve the overall well-being of the classroom and school environment. 

A pathway to more

Sometimes the first step is the hardest. The mental health in education certificate is that first step and a pathway to more. For those considering a master’s degree, this certificate can be applied to the Master of Arts in Education program at Saint Mary’s.

Program outcomes

  1. Recognize mental health needs for students from birthday through grade 12.
  2. Evaluate the educator’s role and capacity to address mental health needs.
  3. Use appropriate community and mental health resources to support students, families, instruction, and classroom management.
  4. Collaborate with colleagues and the community to foster students’ educational, social, and emotional needs.
  5. Apply diverse strategies and resources at the classroom and school levels to promote community and student well-being.

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