Mathematics Major/Minor

Mathematics is "the universal language." The mathematics major at Saint Mary's offers a flexible path that fits a variety of interests and opens the door to a wide range of careers.

Career Options

A degree in mathematics is excellent preparation not only for a career in mathematics or elementary, middle school, or high school teaching, but also in the fields of actuarial science, computer science, finance, research analysis, or statistics.

High School Preparation

High school coursework that will support a student in his or her pursuit of a mathematics degree includes exposure to Calculus, Computer Science, Discrete Math, Statistics, and Trigonometry.

Enhance Your Experience

Additional areas of study that go well with the mathematics major include minors in computer science, businessstatistics, physics, and scientific computing.

Mathematics Minor

Mathematics minor supplements most any major in the liberal arts. A minor in mathematics will provide foundational knowledge helpful to any student's post-graduate career.