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Online M.A. in Teaching

Start your journey to become a teacher. Online, at your own pace.

It’s never too late to follow your passion and embark on a fulfilling career in teaching. At Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, we offer a flexible online Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program that allows you to pursue your dream of becoming a teacher while accommodating your busy schedule.

Our MAT program is designed for individuals with a bachelor’s degree in any field who are looking to transition into  education. With our online format, you can complete your degree in as little as 2 years attending synchronous evening courses, once per week, balancing your studies with your other commitments. The timeline for program completion varies depending on licensure/subject area and subject knowledge.

Choose from a variety of specialty subject areas within our MAT program, including Minnesota teaching endorsements, licensures, or content specialties. This allows you to tailor your degree to align with your interests and expertise, whether you have a passion for mathematics, art, Spanish, social studies, science, or music.

Our MAT program offers two key pathways: the Path to Licensure, which provides the necessary coursework and practical experience to obtain your teaching license, and the Master’s Degree, where you will earn a Master of Arts in Teaching degree in addition to your teaching license, enhancing your professional credentials and expanding your career opportunities.

At Saint Mary’s, we take pride in our long-standing tradition of excellence in teacher education. Our experienced faculty are dedicated to providing you with a high-quality education that prepares you to make a lasting impact in the classroom. You’ll gain the knowledge, skills, and practical experience necessary to inspire and guide your future students.


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Individual credits and completion times vary


per credit


start date

2 years

completion time




Individual credits and completion times vary


per credit


start date

2 years

completion time


Program Highlights

  • Participate in the ISTEP project at Saint Mary’s to become an impactful STEM teacher, inspiring young minds while receiving financial support, training, and mentoring.  Learn more.
  • Choose from a range of teaching license areas and specialties, including elementary education, secondary education, and specialty subject areas. We provide the flexibility for you to focus on your specific interests and passions.
  • Gain invaluable hands-on experience through 100 field experience hours and student teaching. We believe in the importance of practical application and provide opportunities for you to develop your teaching skills in real educational settings.
  • Join a community of learners at a university with a strong reputation for excellence in education. Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota has a long-standing tradition of preparing teachers who make a difference in the lives of their students.
  • Discover scholarships available through our partnerships with several regional and national employers. See if your employer is part of our Trusted Partnership Program. Learn more.

What You'll Learn

  • Learning experiences that are meaningful for students
  • Learning opportunities that support a student’s personal development
  • Instructional opportunities for students with diverse backgrounds
  • Student development through instructional strategies
  • Active inquiry, collaboration, and supportive interaction in the classroom
  • Evaluate, synthesize, and disseminate research related to educational practice

Information Session

Join us for an information session to learn more about the program, the application process, and more. We offer live information sessions where you can meet program staff, as well as an archive you can view on your own time.


Ready to apply? Learn about taking the next steps.

    • Applicants may apply for admission to a master’s degree program at any time during the year. 
    • Applicants must have completed an undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited institution and maintained an overall grade point average of 2.75 on a 4.00 scale. 
    • Applicants must demonstrate the language proficiency necessary for successful graduate coursework. 
    • Applicants must complete an interview with a program director.

  • Students with transcripts from universities outside the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada (except for the Quebec Province) must take and pass English proficiency testing.

    Saint Mary’s accepts:

    • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a minimum score of 72
    • International English Language Testing System (IELTS) with a minimum score of 6.0
    • Michigan Language Assessment Battery (MELAB) with a minimum score of 74%
    • International Test of English Proficiency (ITEP) with a minimum score of 4.0 or Pearson Test of English with a score of 51
    • Duolingo with a minimum score of 100.

  • Applicants must submit the following:

    1. Completed application form.
    2. An official transcript(s) issued to Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota from the institution posting the applicant’s completed bachelor’s degree and other relevant transcripts documenting program prerequisites and potential transfer credits. (An official transcript is one that is sent to the university by the credit-granting institution.)
      • Transcripts from countries other than the U.S. must be evaluated on a course by course basis by a university accepted evaluation service, such as World Education Services, Educational Credential Evaluators, Educational Perspectives, One Earth International Credential Evaluators or any approved member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES.org) and be deemed equivalent to accredited U.S. university standards. 
      • Saint Mary’s can order and cover the cost of transcripts from institutions that allow third-party requests for eligible degree-seeking applicants. Contact your enrollment counselor for more information.
    3. A personal statement which includes:
      • brief description of the applicant’s background, training, and experience; and,
      • statement indicating the career goals of the applicant and his or her reasons for seeking admission to the program and,
      • personal information the applicant wishes to share.
    4. Names of two people (including title, organization, email, phone number) who could serve as professional references, if needed, during the application review process. The best references are those who know you in a professional capacity, such as current or former supervisors.
    5. A current résumé listing educational background and work experience.

    Please Note: Application materials should be sent to the attention of the Office of Admission on the Twin Cities Campus.

    Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

    Office of Admission
    2500 Park Ave S
    Minneapolis, MN 55404

    Or electronically: tcadmission@smumn.edu

    Please reach out with any questions about the application process.

    Phone: (612) 728-5100
    Toll-free: (866) 437-2788

    E-mail: tcadmission@smumn.edu

    • Fall 2024: August 2, 2024
    • Fall 2025: August 1, 2025

    • Fall 2024: September 3, 2024
    • Fall 2025: September 2, 2025

  • You can expect to be notified about your acceptance approximately two weeks following your application completion date.

Tuition & Fees

We help you find ways to finance your education.Talk to your Enrollment Counselor about scholarships, loans, and other ways to make your education affordable.

Course Catalog

In addition to foundational courses, you’ll engage in field experience and student teaching. The course catalog provides complete information about course requirements.

Hear their stories. Create your own.

The most beneficial thing for your students — and for you — is to learn how to develop meaningful relationships with them.

Learn how our program fits your life, offers specializations to enhance your career, and inspires you to become the teacher you’ve always wanted to be.

Career Outlook

A surge in student enrollment over the next several years is creating an urgent need for licensed teachers in preschool, elementary and secondary schools nationwide. Careers are projected to grow 10% from 2020 to 2030 with about 920,500 new job openings.1

Elementary Teacher

$61,350 per year*

Instructional Designer

$63,740 per year*

High School Teacher

$61,820 per year*

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • At Saint Mary’s, we want you to succeed, and we help you do so, inside and outside of the classroom:

    Student Central: Your one stop for student services.

    Library: Resources and services are available 24/7 to all students.

    Writing Center: Offers virtual and face-to-face services to support students.

    Career Services: Can help you develop your career-readiness skills at any point in your education

  • Tuition for the 2023-24 school year is $560 per credit. There will be minimal additional program fees.

    Learn more.

  • Yes, there is the ISTEP program as well as other federal and state programs.

    Learn more.

  • Courses meet in a remote format (synchronously, virtually) during weekday evenings.

  • Student teaching is a semester-long, full-time experience in a K-12 school under the guidance of a supervisor from Saint Mary’s and a cooperating teacher licensed by the State of Minnesota.

  • All candidates seeking an initial license are required to demonstrate basic skills competency and pass Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examinations that assess pedagogical and content-area knowledge.

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