Data Engineering Certificate

Data is essential to the world today, from how data is collected and stored, to using data to make actionable recommendations and inform business decision-making. 

This certificate is for anyone with an interest in data analytics, data science, and technology. You will gain the skills needed to utilize new sources of data, navigate unstructured data, and automate processes, as well as experience with planning and design.

Collect, transform, and publish data to enable decision-making

As a data engineer, you should be able to design, build, operationalize, secure, and monitor data processing systems with an emphasis on:

  • Security and compliance
  • Scalability and efficiency
  • Reliability and fidelity
  • Flexibility and portability

You should also be able to leverage, deploy, and work with generalized machine learning models.

  • The role of a data engineer may include:
  • Designing data processing systems
  • Building and operationalizing data processing systems
  • Operationalizing machine learning models
  • Ensuring solution quality

A pathway to more

Sometimes the first step is the hardest. The data engineering certificate is that first step and a pathway to more. For students considering a master’s degree, this certificate can be applied to the Master of Science in Data Intelligence and GeoAnalytics program at Saint Mary’s.

Program outcomes

  1. Demonstrate proficiency in data collection, data engineering, and database administration.
  2. Develop custom applications and scripts for visualization and analytics.
  3. Communicate with clarity and coherence.
  4. Evaluate ethical and legal implications of decision-making

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