Biology Major/Minor

This major is suited for those who desire to enter a variety of fields, including biological research, medicine, dentistry, and veterinary science.

The biology program includes a course sequence that covers the hierarchical organization of living systems—molecule, organelle, cell, tissue, organ system, individual organism, population, community, and ecosystem. The program includes a sequence of courses intended to develop an approach to independent study through an experience in biological research. Biology majors who wish to enter specific fields can choose from a variety of electives to satisfy their needs and interests.

Career Options

Students graduating from Saint Mary's with a degree in biology are prepared for professional positions as biological scientists, clinical laboratory technologists, dentists, forensic scientists, medical doctors, medical scientists, science technicians, secondary teachers, and veterinarians.

High School Preparation

High school coursework that will prepare a student in his or her pursuit of a biology degree includes experience in Biology, Chemistry, Calculus, Environmental Science, and Physics.

Enhance Your Experience

Students who major in biology oftentimes pursue a double major or minor in chemistry or psychology.

Biology Minor

Biology minors gain a broad knowledge of the systems and processes that allow for life. A minor in biology is designed to support a major in a collateral field chosen by the student. Some majors that the biology minor complements include chemistry and physics.