Education Department

Saint Mary’s prepares those pursuing careers in education to become ethical and thoughtful leaders for today’s changing and complex world.

Saint Mary’s School of Education meets that challenge by modeling the Lasallian mission and training future educators who empower learners, encouraging them to ethical lives of service and leadership. Skilled faculty help guide students to become educators who create a challenging and positive learning environment for all learners — educators who respect the potential, capabilities, and needs of every student.

Our programs will give you the support, technology, knowledge, and resources needed to become an effective educational leader and meet the changing dynamics of education.

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Preparing Teachers for Licensure

The School of Education prepares students for licensure in the following certification areas: elementary education and secondary education. All programs meet the licensure requirements of the State of Minnesota.

Why Study Education at Saint Mary’s?

  • Learn to be an effective teacher, through the 12 Lasallian Virtues of a Good Teacher. Saint John Baptist De La Salle was an educational innovator, being an early adopter of differentiating instruction.
  • Participate in small classes that emphasize active learning and focuses on individual student needs and goals
  • Complete field experiences with practicing teachers every semester beginning sophomore year
  • Receive instruction and mentoring from veteran instructors who have years of experience in teaching and who are current teachers in the field
  • Develop an awareness and understanding of diverse and rapidly changing settings in education and educational settings

Goals for Our Students

  • Have the ability to perform at a highly qualified level of teaching as defined by the Professional Educators Licensing and Standards Board (PELSB) standards
  • Display the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to effectively teach and lead a diverse population of students and work with parents, colleagues, administrators, and community members in support of a child’s or young adult’s education
  • Demonstrate a commitment to and understanding of teaching in the spirit of the Lasallian mission
  • Hold a strong foundation in disciplinary knowledge and content

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Administrative Assistant

Dean of Education, Dean of the College

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Betty Kube


Lynn Albee, Ed.D.

Associate Dean for Advancing Studies and Director of Summer Sessions

School of Business and Technology

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Lynn Albee Ed.D.
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