mathematics, computer science, and statistics

Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics Department

Programs offered in the Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics Department are designed to help you hone your critical thinking and effective decision-making skills, two important skills today’s employers look for in candidates.

Here, you’ll develop powers of logic and critical analysis with an orientation for modeling in applications. In actuarial sciences, for example, you will blend business and mathematics to analyze the financial consequences of risk. Computer science courses will offer a strong core of programming and technology skills, while introducing you to relevant knowledge in key areas. And in mathematics and physics courses, you’ll come to appreciate the precision, beauty, and power of the structure of the material universe.

Advanced Placement

If you have a high school background in calculus, you’re encouraged to apply for credit through advanced standing. For credit in calculus, a sufficiently high score on the national Advanced Placement (AP) College Entrance Examination, the CLEP Calculus Test, or the Saint Mary’s Advanced Placement Calculus Test is required. Advanced placement information is available from the department chair.

Placement Review Materials

Sigma Pi Sigma Honor Society

The Saint Mary’s chapter of the national physics honor society, Sigma Pi Sigma, celebrates outstanding scholarship. Founded in 1964, Saint Mary's is home to Minnesota's second-oldest chapter of this prestigious society.

Clubs and Organizations

You can join an active student-operated Mathematics and Computer Science Club consisting of members from all levels of our majors and minors and providing fun activities and social gatherings. The department also has its own chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon, the national honorary mathematics society, for qualified sophomores, juniors, and seniors.


Todd Reinhart, ScD

Dean, School of Sciences and Health Professions, Professor of Biology and Health Professions

Brother Louis Hall, BLH239

Campus Box: # 82

(507) 457-1758

Areas of Expertise: Infectious diseases and microbiology

Meet Todd Reinhart
Kristen Sellke, Ph.D.

Associate Professor - Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics - Department Chair

LaSalle Hall, LS141B

Campus Box: #1462

(507) 457-6639

Kristen Sellke Ph.D.
Hyunjai (Demian) Cho, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor - Physics

St. Mary's Press, SMPD

Campus Box: # 32

(507) 457-1551

Areas of Expertise: Physical Sciences including Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics, Thermodynamics, Energy, Space

Meet Hyunjai (Demian) Cho
Kevin Dennis, Ph.D.

Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics - Assistant Professor

LaSalle Hall, LS141D

Campus Box: # 59

(507) 457-6650

Kevin Dennis Ph.D.
Donald Heier, D.S.

Professor of Computer Science and Graduate Cybersecurity Program Director

LaSalle Hall, LS141C

Campus Box: #1520

(507) 457-1575

Donald Heier D.S.
Darren Row, Ph.D.

Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics - Associate Professor

LaSalle Hall, LS141F

Campus Box: # 65

(507) 457-6971

Darren Row Ph.D.
Robyn Wangberg, Ph.D.

Physics - Associate Professor

Griffin Hall, GR210

Campus Box: # 32

(507) 457-1580

Robyn Wangberg Ph.D.
Paul Weiner, Ph.D.

Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics - Professor

LaSalle Hall, LS141A

Campus Box: # 4

(507) 457-1420

Paul Weiner Ph.D.