Philosophy Department

Philosophy is the rational effort to understand and reflect upon the various aspects of our human endeavors and existence.

Fully engaging with questions posed by philosophy is a foundation for lifelong learning and growth. As a central part of a Lasallian Catholic university, the Philosophy Department seeks to develop aptitudes for reasoned analysis, evaluation, and synthesis.

Philosophy at Saint Mary's

The Philosophy Department encourages the careful reading of and reflection (both written and spoken) on the major texts in philosophy. Students are challenged to broaden their perspectives by examining their reasoning and value judgments, without losing sight of the university’s Christian grounding and vision.

Goals for Our Students

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the major historical movements and figures in philosophy from the Pre-Socratic thinkers through the contemporary period
  • Form and evaluate arguments employing standards of logical validity
  • Integrate areas of systematic inquiry with broader and perennial philosophical questions and issues


Mark Barber, Ph.D.

Associate Professor - Philosophy

Campus Box: # 70

(507) 457-1500

Mark Barber Ph.D.
Christopher Bobier

Philosophy - Assistant Professor

Saint Mary's Hall, SM326

Campus Box: #1416

(507) 457-1541

Christopher Bobier
Patricia Calton, Ph.D.

Associate Professor - Philosophy

Saint Mary's Hall, SM309

Campus Box: # 70

(507) 457-1550

Patricia Calton Ph.D.
Kevin Rickert, Ph.D.

Philosophy - Associate Professor

Saint Mary's Hall, SM324

Campus Box: #1521

(507) 457-7275

Kevin Rickert Ph.D.
Joseph Tadie, Ph.D.

Philosophy - Associate Professor

Saint Mary's Hall, SM328

Campus Box: #1504

(507) 457-6652

Joseph Tadie Ph.D.