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June 17, 2024


Find a Meaningful Career with a Degree in Education

Educators Are in High Demand

Educators are always in need at every level, whether it be as teachers, instructional designers, or administrators, like principals. At Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, we offer many programs at our School of Education that can jump-start a career in education or lead to career advancement in the field.

Our Education Degrees

We offer many education degree options at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota through the School of Education:

No matter what track you are looking to take, a degree in education from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota can open numerous doors to finding a meaningful career.

Pursuing a Career Path That Suits You

There are many different roles an educator can consider in a school district, higher education, or the education industry at large. Options include:

Curriculum Developers

Also known as instructional designers, these people design curriculums for programs, including recommending software applications and producing training materials for teachers.


Teach students in college settings and graduate programs, helping them learn about your areas of expertise, and helping them develop careers of their own.

Academic Dean

Whether as dean of the entire campus or a single department, these educational professionals facilitate and oversee academic activities at an institution. They develop relationships with students and faculty, as well as represent the school to external parties at conferences and events.

Dean of Students

A dean of students is an education administrator in charge of student operations, aiming to enhance student experiences in and out of the classroom.

Director of Special Education

As head of a school’s special education department, this professional oversees special education programs to ensure lessons and activities provide what students with learning differences need to thrive.

Higher Education Admissions and Development Officers

Apply the insights you gain earning an executive or specialist doctorate in education to college departments that recruit students, offer guidance, and develop funding sources.

School Counselor

School counselors are professionals who provide mental, emotional, and academic support to a school’s students. Counselors can also help students apply for colleges and trade schools or prepare students for life after secondary school.

School Librarian

This person manages the library and suggests books and resources that can help students perform research.

School Principal

Principals are education professionals who oversee a school, spearheading educational and administrative activities. A principal may also conduct all staff hiring and work to create the school’s budget.

There are also careers outside of the education industry that can benefit from an education degree. Those can include:

  • Campus recruiter: If you love talking to people, a campus recruiter with a background in education can help with screening applicants and guiding potential students in interview and essay preparation.
  • Corporate trainer: A corporate trainer plans and implements training for organizations. Think of it as teaching outside of a traditional classroom.
  • Juvenile correction officer: These people work with minors who are facing charges or already serving time at a detention center, often providing counseling to the juveniles.

This is just a sampling of the roles someone with a degree in education can find.

Stand Out From the Rest With an Educational Degree

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Are you ready to take the next step and further your education? If so, the admissions staff at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota will help you apply for an education degree and answer any questions you may have. We also encourage you to attend one of our virtual information sessions to learn more about the education degree programs available. To learn more, contact us today.