Three people working on a business project

Business Intelligence and Analytics Major

Saint Mary’s business intelligence and analytics major provides knowledge by training students interested in analytically focused careers in business.

The emphasis of the business intelligence and analytics major is on applications of data analysis, business forecasting, modeling, operations management, market analysis, econometrics, and project management techniques.

Students in this major will learn information technology skills to provide information for decision support systems. Curriculum is based on the functional areas of business such as finance, operations, and marketing and is enhanced with statistical and decision science techniques. Graduates of this program will be equipped for careers in any of the functional area of business that requires business data analysis and data science, including R Programming, VBA, SQL, and SEO.

Career Options

Financial analysis; market analysis; operations management; business intelligence; analytics; data analysis; forecasting

High School Preparation

Accounting; Business; Calculus; Microeconomics; Statistics

Enhance Your Experience

Students who major in business intelligence and analytics oftentimes pursue a double major or minor in mathematics, statistics, data analytics, or finance.