Entrepreneurship Major/Minor

The entrepreneurship major at Saint Mary's teaches innovation as a model for effective business evolution to meet market demands. The program guides students in how to develop new products, design solutions to pressing problems, and pivot existing business models to meet emerging needs.

Using an evidence-based approach, students identify needs, move from an idea to execution, and create a structure for continued business growth. The coursework is relevant for students who desire to integrate innovation and seek to understand the structure around ideation, business design, growth, funding, and new venture management.

Career Options

Small business manager; business consultant; venture capitalist; management analyst; market research analyst; nonprofit executive; corporate entrepreneur; small business owner; corporate innovator; business development lead

High School Preparation

Business; Digital Media; English; Microeconomics; Psychology; Speech

Enhance Your Experience

Students who major in entrepreneurship oftentimes pursue a double major or minor in marketing, management or public relations.

Kabara Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies

The Kabara Institute aims to incite a passion for entrepreneurial spirit in students across the university, regardless of their major field of study. It enhances the entrepreneurship program offerings at Saint Mary’s by providing opportunities for students to interact with entrepreneurs and experience entrepreneurship first-hand, and fosters a greater understanding and appreciation of the importance of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in our society.

Minor Information

The entrepreneurship minor pairs well with a major outside of the Business Department such as art studiodigital media and journalism, graphic design, or music industry. The entrepreneurship minor is not allowed with any of the business majors.