Communication Department

The Communication Department at Saint Mary’s is committed to providing students the mass communication and media studies experience required to stand out in today’s media-saturated world.

Our programs offers small class sizes, hands-on projects, and real-world experiences that provide students with the skills they need to break through barriers and successfully convey information.

The department helps students build practical skills needed for today’s work environments and emphasizes the importance of communication theories, ethics, and critical analysis in communication messages from companies, organizations, and the media. Students study and implement the conveying of information, ideas, and opinions in written, oral, social media, and multimedia formats.

Goals for Our Students

  • Describe the essential nature of communication as a field of study and recognize its significance in interpreting human behavior
  • Demonstrate foundational skills in academic and professional research, writing, analysis, and presentation
  • Demonstrate the ability, through practice and performance, to clearly and effectively utilize communication technologies and express messages through multiple media
  • Demonstrate knowledge of various theories, cases, and best practices, and how to apply critical thinking to an array of ethical dilemmas
  • Demonstrate the extension and appreciation of the skills and knowledge acquired from their studies during internships, careers, or in the continuation of their education


Dean Beckman, M.S.

Communication - Associate Professor, Department Chair

Saint Mary's Hall, SM320

Campus Box: #1452

(507) 457-1502

Dean Beckman M.S.
Lori Charron, Ph.D.

Communication - Professor

Saint Mary's Hall, SM307

Campus Box: #1442

(507) 457-1477

Lori Charron Ph.D.